Classic Pizza or Calzones 

All pizzas can be made gluten-free for $3 more! Please allow us additional time to prepare it fresh.

You also have an option build your own perfect pizza or calzone.


Z1. Margherita

olive oil/roma tomatoes/julienne basil/mozzarella

Z2. Old World Pepperoni

old world pepperoni/pizza sauce/mozzarella

Z3. Meat Craver

old world pepperoni/italian sausage/beef/bacon/pizza sauce/mozzarella

Z4. Pollo Pesto

roast chicken/pesto/sundried tomatoes/pine nuts/mozzarella/feta Pair with Bogle Chardonnay

Z5. Deluxe

old world pepperoni/Italian sausage/romatomatoes/green bell peppers/button mushrooms/red onions/pizza sauce/mozzarella

Z6. Buffalo Chicken

roast chicken/housemade buffalo sauce/gorgonzola/mozzarella/green bell peppers/red onions

Z7. Salsiccia

olive oil/italian sausage/roma tomatoes/caramelized onions/mozzarella

Z8. Pollo Alfredo

roast chicken/roasted red peppers/red onion/alfredo/julienne basil

Z9. Avivo

old world pepperoni/Italian sausage/bananapeppers/red onions/pizza sauce/mozzarella

Z10. Spinaci e Aglio

roasted garlic/spinach/feta/roma tomatoes/mozzarella

Z11. Barbecue Chicken

roast chicken/barbecue sauce/banana peppers/green bell peppers/caramelized onions/mozzarella

Z12. Quattro Formaggi


Z13. Garden Deluxe

roma tomatoes/green bell pepper grilled squash/button mushrooms/red onions/black olives/pizza sauce/mozzarella

Z14. Chicken Bacon Ranch

roast chicken/pesto infused ranch/bacon/roma tomatoes/mozzarella

Z15. Portobello e Cipolle

roasted portobello mushrooms/button mushrooms/caramelized onions/roasted  garlic/feta/mozzarella/za’atar

Z16 Pizza Con Olive

Garlic sauce/olive mix/roasted red peppers/mozzarella

Z17. Three Cheese Pizza

shredded parmesan/mozzarella/provolone/pizza sauce